Executive Summary

The principle of sale and leaseback is a foundation of modern finance. If sale and leaseback is new to you, then read on to learn how Carthage Intellectual Capital Management uses this proven process for proprietary results. If you are an experienced hand with the sale leaseback method read on to learn how this technique is now available to unleash trillions of dollars in valuable transactions based on an existing but hidden asset class.

Carthage Intellectual Property Management has a revolutionary process for monetizing Intellectual Property (IP). IP includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and other creative assets that a company owns and uses. Instead of just borrowing or selling equity, companies can raise cash using only their IP. Today US patents alone are worth an estimated of $7 Trillion dollars but virtually none of that cash value is being used.

Carthage will help companies capitalize their share of this intangible wealth and much more.

Investors realize tax advantaged, secure income streams through license fees, with potential upside through revenue sharing for out-licensing of technology.


Core to most businesses is the intellectual property (IP) that provides product value and differentiation in the market place. Often developed or obtained at significant cost, IP must be continually refreshed and updated to maintain a competitive edge. Yet this valuable property is often held as a nominally valued asset on the company’s balance  sheet. The concept of IP monetization is not a new thing and various methods have been used historically to raise cash whether by selling its IP or using it as collateral. However, IP still remains a significantly undervalued asset and there is clear market need better to finance these assets.

Carthage Intellectual Property Management founders have developed innovative and proprietary methodologies for monetizing IP owned by an enterprise, which, through sale and license-back of core IP provides immediate operating capital, strengthened balance sheet, and the opportunity to share in license fees from placement of IP not core to the enterprise. The proprietary, patented methodology standardizes technology and other intellectual property valuation, based on extrinsic properties such as revenue, profit, and legal status.

Carthage provides capital to companies through the monetization of productive intellectual property, while allowing continued use via a sale/license-back arrangement. Therefore, investors  realize tax advantaged, secure income streams through licence fees, with potential upside through revenue sharing for out-licensing of technology.

For more information about Carthage, read our Blog, see About, Team, and Newsletters in this website or e-mail us at info@carthageic.com. Visit us on LinkedIn of Facebook.

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    • We never ask clients or prospects to reveal IP unless it is already published (like issued patents) or we sign a secrecy agreement to review the IP confidentially. Hope this helps.

  1. Actually, all the blogs are about monetizing productive intellectual property–most have been about a specific type of intellectual property, patents–so I’m not quite sure I understand your comment.

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